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Concrete and Reinforcement Repair

April 26th, 2009 by Admin
Footing Modification

Footing Modification in Salt Lake City, Utah

At KC Ward Construction, we have the expertise to utilize specialized techniques applicable to surface repair and material installation.

Concrete repair replaces defective, damaged, or deteriorated concrete, restores structural function, protects the surface or underlying concrete from aggressive environments, and restores any lost performance requirements.

Concrete repair problems are diverse in nature. Each condition requires a clear understanding of what is expected of the repair including appearance, protection needs, and load carrying requirements.

Proper surface preparation of the area being repaired is critical to successful concrete repair. This includes complete removal of concrete around and below the reinforcing steel and preparation of the substrate. Combined, these techniques ensure maximum bond between the new repair material and the existing substrate, which results in effective, long-lasting repairs.

An effective repair strategy must draw from a variety of repair materials, each having an installation technique that best suits both the material and the strategy.

Parking Structure Repair

April 26th, 2009 by Admin
Jordan Commons - Larry H. Mller Office Tower

Jordan Commons - Larry H. Miller Office Tower in Salt Lake City, Utah

Demanding service conditions and aggressive environments present challenges to parking structure owners and managers. Parking structures are subjected to a wide variety of deterioration mechanisms including constant loading/unloading cycles, vehicular damage, chemicals deposited by vehicles (motor oil, deicing salts), and natural elements such as temperature changes, moisture, and salts. These mechanisms combine to cause corrosion of the reinforcing systems of parking structures.

Since every parking facility and its environment is unique, correcting structural problems can be challenging. Successful repairs identify the source and extent of corrosion, then execute a durable repair solution that addresses appearance, protection needs, and load carrying requirements.

Our combination of proven field techniques, outstanding safety program, and focused parking garage repair experience are key elements of the quality that KC Ward Construction brings to every parking facility project. Our services include: structural repair, strengthening systems, waterproofing and protection, plaza decks, and aesthetic upgrades. Whether the parking structure is cast-in-place, precast, post-tensioned, or a composite system, KC Ward Construction has the expertise to deliver a quality project on time and within the budget.