Enlargement of Parking Structure Beam

Enlargement of Parking Structure Beam

Strengthening Structures with Enlargements, Overlays and Supplemental Steel
Section Enlargement and Bonded Overlays are used to improve strength, increase stiffness or reduce crack widths at service levels. Consisting of additional concrete added to an existing structural member, they may also incorporate additional reinforcement.

Span Shortening can reduce the bending and shear forces on overstressed beams, joists, and slabs. Typically, structural steel members and cast-in-place reinforced concrete members are used for span shortening applications.

Externally Bonded Steel Shapes are attached to existing concrete surfaces to add strength and stiffness to deficient members. External steel shapes include plates, channels, angles, or built-up members.

Epoxy Injection is a common method used to restore monolithic action of structural members by injecting epoxy adhesives into fractured concrete.