Structural Strengthening

Steel Reinforcement Used in a Parking Structure

Restoring and Adding Structural Capacity
Whether a structure in need of strengthening is occupied and fully functional or under construction, the goals of owners, engineers, and general contractors are typically the same – to deliver a safe, efficient, and economical solution.

KC Ward Construction is widely recognized for its ability to assist project teams in the development of unique and comprehensive solutions for every imaginable scenario.

Engineering Support and Systems Expertise
Once the desired load requirements have been determined, KC Ward offers access to reinforcing systems and the latest advancements in composite technology to help evaluate multiple strengthening options in order to produce the most cost-effective solution.

Unparalleled Experience
Upon selection of the strengthening method, KC Ward extensively plans all aspects of the repair strategy, then assembles crews of KC Ward employees who are trained in specialized techniques and can work around the clock, 365 days a year, to safely complete projects under the tightest schedules and toughest working conditions.